Peppie has not been well since February. The vet said she had pancreatitis and with her last blood work, it had cleared up, but she still feels bad. The doctor thought she might have a thyroid issue, but that was normal. Now they are leaning towards inflammatory bowel disease. Ashley took her to the vet again on Thursday for another shot for vomiting. Ashley mentioned that according to her chart, she has moved from being elderly to geritric. She is coming upon her 16th year.

Ashley was in high school when she bought the tiny little kitten home. It was all scrapped up and could barely stand up. Ashley said, “Momma, do something!” I seriously did not think the little kitty would survive the night. I went to the medicine cabinet and dug around and found a sample bottle of infant Tylenol liquid and squirted it into her mouth. At that point, I didn’t feel like it would hurt her. The kitten slept for the rest of the day and night. When she woke up, the was a happy bouncy kitten who loved us instantly.

I was not a cat person and really didn’t want a cat in my house, but this kitten seemed to realize that we had “saved” her. I was allergic to cats and she would want to sleep wrapped around my neck. I sneezed, wheezed and took daily Benadryl for around three months then the symptoms slowly went away.

The kids grew up and moved away so it is just the two of us now. She is a loyal companion and is thrilled when I come home each evening.

The vet says that it might be a good idea to feed her moist canned food instead of the dry food that she had eaten for 15 years now. She ate her first can yesterday and wanted more. This morning she woke me up wanting more food. I think she loves it. Jennifer said for me to give her a little pumpkin and coconut oil in her food and that would help her stomach as well. She feels 100% better today. I want to make sure she is happy, however many days that she has left with us. She is a good kitty.

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