I came home from work to find a little package on my front door knob. I took it inside and it was a beautiful necklace. A long chain with a wing, a shield and a little tag that says Psalm 91:4. I smiled because that is my favorite Bible verse. I figured it was from my friend Anita because she likes to surprise me by putting things on my doorstep. I text her and she said Nope. Who else would know that it is my favorite verse? I can’t think of anyone else that would know that. I was puzzled. The thing is, I was headed on vacation in a couple of days, so this necklace would be a reminder that I would be protected during my travel.

On the bag was the name of the jewelry company, so I thought I would call a neighbor that had a jewelry party once that I attended. I don’t wear jewelry much at all but I did attend an online party to help her out. I thought maybe she could help me figure out where it came from. I emailed her to ask if she put a necklace on my front door and she said, “Yes. God laid it on my heart to bring you that necklace.” I was shocked. She said that I had mentioned to her that the necklace had my favorite verse on it. She said it had been on her mind all week so she left it at my house hoping that I would never figure out who left it. She had no idea that I was leaving for vacation. It is very humbling when you get a message from God reassuring you that He loves and protects you. This necklace will always be special gift to me.
Psalm 91:4- He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge, his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

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