Family Feud

We have watched the Family Feud on television for as long as I can remember. I have memories of seeing it as a child when Richard Dawson was the host that used to kiss everybody. Now I catch it every once in a while, usually by accident when flipping through channels. Once you get started watching, it is hard to switch to another station.

My daughter has wanted to be on television her entire life. As a child in kindergarten, she said she wanted to be a singer on a stage and scan groceries on the weekends. (She loved the beep sound that the groceries made when being scanned) She grew up believing that she was a Disney princess and now as an adult, she still believes it.

I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised when she emailed us saying she had signed the family up for an audition for the game show Family Feud, but I never considered her dragging the whole bunch of us into her television dream. This morning, we drove into the city to have our audition in hopes of flying to LA to be on the real Family Feud with Steve Harvey.

When we walked into the Omni Hotel in Charlotte, it was a little overwhelming because there were 100s of people lined up. Everyone received a name tag and each family was given a clipboard with papers to fill out about your family. The families were divided into 4 groups and taken to different conference rooms. Our host gave us a 10-minute speech about the rules and what we were going to do next. He said there was no money, no prizes to be given out today so everybody had to play nice. He said if, by chance, your family gets all of the answers correct for a clean sweep, that they will give you a little prize, but that was rare. Two families will be called up front and they will play a game just like on the show. My son-in-law says, “I hope they don’t call us first.” They called one family up and everybody screamed and clapped as they went running to the front. Then they called MY family! I honestly don’t remember running up to the front. I was suddenly just there. The captain of each team introduced their family and we started playing the game. It was very fast and sometimes your mind would go completely blank. The other family won the first question and on the second question, we got all of the answers right….a clean sweep! We won a Family Feud tote bag. It felt like we were up front for about 2 minutes, but the camera person said our set lasted 7 minutes. Most of it was a blur to me. Elan said he turned to give me a high five, but I just stared at him. I don’t remember that.

We will hear back from them in a month to see if we were picked to be on the show. There were so many people there that I don’t have high hopes for that happening. But it was a great day and a great experience with my family.